Friday, November 18, 2016

Vietnam: Week 32 (in which we celebrate teacher's day)

So apparently Teacher's Day is a holiday that exists in basically every country (including the U.S. even though I'd never heard of it). In Vietnam they celebrate Teacher's Day on November 20th and it's kind of a big deal. 

The Thursday beforehand we got the day off, and they held a big party for all of the teachers. It's enormous because our company runs like...10 different schools. And each of those schools has a ton of different campuses with a ton of different teachers.

Mostly it's boring. Because it's hours long and the first hour or so is just people taking pictures (my phone was dying the whole time so sorry but I have very few pictures). 

Vietnamese people love to take pictures.

There are all these things set up to take pictures in front of. These are the Vietnamese teachers from one of my schools (I stole this from facebook don't tell them). Everyone is super fancy and pretty so it's fun to see. The long dresses with the slit on the side is traditional Vietnamese dress. 

 Each of the different school's have a little display set up. Also for taking pictures in front of (also stole this off facebook. Don't tell). 

This is the banquet hall where the actual ceremony is. There's a lot of talking and award giving (all in Vietnamese of course) and it's also pretty boring. But in between the different awards there are performers from the different schools. Mostly singing and dancing with lots of pretty costumes and music and stuff. It was really cool but unfortunately I don't have pictures of that either.

Then they serve a huge meal. It was very similar to the wedding I went to back in April. They serve you plate after plate after plate and constantly fill your glasses. Vietnamese parties are all essentially the same. Of course I don't have any pictures of the food for you. But it was delicious. And then the teacher's from one of my school made me take a ton of selfies with them before I could go home haha.

On the actual day of Teacher's Day kids bring tons of gifts for their teachers. Tons of flowers and gift baskets and cookies and all kinds of things. 

This is one of the schools I work at. The entire shelf behind the main desk is filled with gift baskets. And there were even more in the back room. And this is just a school that does English lessons. I can't imagine what it's like at the real schools. Definitely something we should have in the United States though, haha.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Vietnam: Week 31

Last week Shoe's friend came to visit from Oregon, and this week the two of them and Dylan and Meagan are in Cambodia. So I've just been hanging out at home alone mostly. But here's some pictures of us eating delicious food.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Vietnam: Week 30 (or what I did in October)

So here's another catch up post of the things I did in October (minus Halloween which I already wrote a big post about)

Number one: Another roommate birthday.

This time it was Dylan's birthday.

 We didn't do a whole lot. Just presents and games and drinks. There wasn't even a ceremonial cake destruction. Crazy right?

I stole his favorite page out of a book at school and framed it for him. 

Number two: We went to a cool reggae bar.
 They had some really cool live music that we enjoyed. (We don't see a whole lot of live music here and when we do it's generally cover bands).

 There was a lot of cool art all around the bar too.

 All around, a really neat place. Made me feel super at home and reminded me of being an art student haha.

Even the bathrooms were cool.

Number three: we had a taco dinner
We invited over a few other English teachers from our company over for tacos. Three teachers we know are from the Philippines and the rest of us were Americans.

And we played some games. It's really cool how many people from different countries we get to meet from our company. (Even though we are technically not allowed to hang out with other teachers hahah. Definitely a rule we break every day)