Thursday, May 5, 2016

Our trip to Mũi Né

April 30th is a national holiday in Vietnam known as Reunification Day, Victory Day or Liberation Day. It marks the day when the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese troops captured Saigon in 1975, and the Resistance War Against America ended. Or as we Americans know it, The Vietnam War. 

And so, all of my roommates had the weekend off and we traveled to the beach city of Mũi Né.

Me and 7 of my roommates (unfortunately 2 of us couldn't make it with!) left the house around 10 p.m. on Thursday night and waited around for the bus.

The bus is a "sleeper bus" which is essentially like a ton of bunk beds shoved together. Your legs fit into the space underneath the person sitting in front of you. It's probably the most comfortable bus I've ever been on, except the aisles are extremely narrow and it is difficult to pull yourself up to the top seats.

We arrived on the beach around 3 a.m. The hotel didn't open until 7 a.m. so we made our way to the beach and napped until the sun came up.

Which was unfortunately not much to see, because it was a very cloudy day.

We made our way to the hotel at 7 and got breakfast. It started pouring rain, for the first time since I arrived here. But the rain stopped and within the hour it cleared up and the rest of the day was gorgeous.

Our room was not ready until around noon, so we hung out poolside and started drinking. It's normal here for drinks to be served in buckets with lots of straws. They're around 5 dollars per buckets.

Shoe got into a bike accident right before we left for our trip and she is all scrapped up. So she had a rough weekend.

Very sweet stray dogs around town.

Views from the hotel balcony.

 Views from inside the hotel.

We had to visit a doctor while in town to treat Shoe's scrapped up arm.

Overall, she had her wound cleaned and bandaged. They gave her antibiotics and sent her on her way for about 30 dollars.

We spent lots of time at the hotel pool. Although the city is on the beach, there is pollution from mining in the town and the hotel staff recommended to stay out of the ocean.

We hung out at lots of beach bars, went dancing, saw some live music and ate lots of food. 

 The way home took an insanely long time, but we got the back row of the bus which is 5 seats/beds across which was nice.

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