Wednesday, January 27, 2016

St. Petersburg, Florida

This is supposed to be a travel blog right? Well uh, I spent the first week of 2016 in Florida with my coworker.

We enjoyed getting out of the snow.

And sitting by the pool.

And eating out.

And shopping.

And exploring the city.

And visiting art museums.

Friday, January 1, 2016

What I did in 2015 (aka the most pictures of me ever posted at once)

I still get page views every day even though I never update...and I plan on (hopefully) soon picking up on my Disney project. I have a computer again for the first time since August of 2014 so I figured I'd fill this back in.

Drove aprox. 12 hours in one day to see the rapper Lil Dicky.

Cut off (and donated) about a foot of my hair.

Went to a Hello Kitty festival.

Had a 5 year high school reunion.

Met the musician (?) David Liebe Hart (of Tim and Eric fame).

Went to Zombie Pub Crawl to see Lil Dicky again.

Went to my first WWE show (I really love wrestling btw)

Saw a bunch of bands including, Reel Big Fish (twice!), Less Than Jake, Mother Mother, Lil Dicky (twice as mentioned), Ben Folds, and Live (but I don't really know who that is so whoops).

Drank. A lot. Let's be real this was 90% of my year.